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 4th March:
 Custom Chief's Day

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What's New?

Deep Sea Minerals policy draft
The Government of the Republic of Vanuatu through the Council of Ministers has appointed a National Offshore Minerals Committee to oversee the drafting of a National Offshore Minerals Policy for the country. The First Draft of the Deep Sea Minerals Policy has now been completed and can be read and downloaded here.

The launch of national consultations on the Deep Sea Minerals Policy will commence with a first Conference to be held from the 7th to the 9th of October at the Chiefs Nakamal in Port Vila. The three-day Conference will also consider the proposed amendments to the Mines and Minerals Act [CAP 190] and current petroleum exploration activities in Vanuatu, both activities which also fall under the ambit of the Ministry of Lands.

You can view the Draft Policy as a PDF at this link.

New Application Forms
In accordance with the changes made to the Constitution and the land laws in 2013 and 2014, the Land Management Planning Committee (LMPC) has issued the following new application forms. [NOTE that all applications relating to rural leases must be submitted in Bislama]:

1. Application for Negotiator's Certificate (Rural)
2. Application for Change of Lease Type (Rural)
3. Application for Rural Subdivision
4. Application to Lease State Land.

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The Ministry of Lands has started work on preparing a national subdivision policy. The work, funded by the Japanese Government through their Project and Human Resource Development (PHRD) Fund and undertaken by consultant Steven Tahi.

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Government approves measures to protect Port Vila Water Source
The Council of Ministers has approved a number of measures to protect Port Vila’s water source at Tagabe. At it’s meeting in the first week of August 2014, the Council endorsed the Ministry of Lands’ plan to acquire leases within the water source’s buffer zone, relocate squatters currently residing in the buffer zone and provide legal protection to the Water Protection Catchment area.

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Amendments to CLM and Land Reform Acts ENGLISH    FRANÇAIS   
The latest amendments to the Customary Land Management Act and the Land Reform Acts have just been gazetted. They can be downloaded below:

1. Custom Land Management (Amendment) Act No. 12 of 2014
2. Land Reform (Amendment) Act No. 11 of 2014

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Port Vila Rent Review cancelled
The Ministry of Lands has made the decision to cancel the rent review of lease titles in Port Vila that had been initiated at the beginning of last month by the Department of Lands.

You can view the Press Release as a PDF at this link.

PSC Report on complaints on corrupt practices of Lands Officers
On the 25th October 2012, the Public Service Commission (PSC) mandated an investigation team to investigate the issues surrounding the appropriation of lands in Santo and Port Vila to officers in the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MOLNR). This is that Investigation Team's Final Report:

You can view the Final PSC Report as a PDF at this link.

You can view the COM Decision 30 of 2013, concerning the Re-acquisition of State land sold off improperly, as a PDF at this link.

First rent review since Independence to be undertaken by Ministry of Lands
The Department of Lands on behalf of the Government is about to undertake the first-ever rent review undertaken by the Government as the lessor of public land since Independence in 1980, commencing in Port Vila.

You can view the Press Release as a PDF at this link.

You can view the Press Release as a Word Document at this link.

Better protection for custom owners: Key changes in Vanuatu's new land legislation
Siobhan McDonnell, principal drafter of the laws, has written about the effect of the new laws on the Blog of the Pacific Institute.

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Ol niufala Loa blong Graon BISLAMA    ENGLISH    FRANÇAIS   
Bil blong jenisim Konstityusen mo ol bil blong jenisim ol loa blong graon we oli bin pas long Palamen long Novemba mo Disemba 2013 oli bin kam loa blong Vanuatu long namba 20 Febuari 2014 taem oli bin kamaot long Official Gazette blong Gavman. Ol bil ia we Palamen i pasem i bin mekem ol samting ia:

1. Jenisim artikol 30 mo artikol 78 blong Konstityusen
2. Amendem Land Reform Act
3. Amendem Land Leases Act
4. Karemaot o ripilim Customary Land Tribunal Act
5. Putum wan niufala loa, Custom Land Management Act

Ridim wan samari o shot toktok long saed blong ol jenis mo ekeft blong ol niufala loa ia lo link ia.

Our Vision

The Ministry’s Vision is to ensure that Vanuatu’s Land and its Natural Resources are used and managed in a sustainable manner.

Our Mission

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources oversees the functions of the Department of Lands, the Department of Geology, Mines and Water, the Department of Environment and Conservation and the Energy Unit.

It also works in collaboration with other Ministries, such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the Port Vila Municipal Council, to deal with land issues.

The main areas we will focus on, are on:

1. Growing Private Enterprises.

2. Reducing the cost of Utilities.

3. Addressing Population and Employment Issues.

4. Addressing Environmental Issues.

5. Ensuring there are fair dealing in lands.

6. Ensuring that the rights of Custom Owners to their lands, and its developments, are fully recognized and protected.