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The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources oversees the functions of the Department of Lands, the Department of Water, Geology and Mines and the Office of The Valuer General.

It also works in collaboration with other Ministries, such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the Port Vila Municipal Council, to deal with land issues.

The main areas we will focus on, are on:

  1. Ensuring there are fair dealing in lands.
  2. Ensuring that the rights of Custom Owners to their lands, and its developments, are fully recognized and protected.



Land Management

National Housing Corporation audit report

An independent audit carried out on the National Housing assets and liabilities at the end of 2012 shows the revenue collected and assets and liabilities the company has. It confirms how the company is doing to date.  


Land Management

Land Talk- Information Fact Sheets

This Section briefly defines different information and services within the Department of lands, Registry, Survey and Land lease section


Land Survey

What is Zoning?

What does 'Zoning' mean? Zoning refers to how the Government (national, provincial and municipal) plans the varying land uses in urban areas.


Land Survey

What is a Survey ?

What does the term 'survey' mean?


Land Survey

Acquiring a Survey Plan

One of the major functions performed by the Land Survey Section is vetting Survey Plans.



Land Survey

Land Survey

This Section has a broad function that deals with Vanuatu's Geospatial extent in terms of Surveying and Mapping out a broad range of Physical and Human Geographic Spatial Phenomena such as Elevation Contours, Rivers, Villages and Leases.



Land Registry

Leasing out Custom Land

A lease is an agreement made between a custom land owner and another person, which gives this other person the right to use the land in question.



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