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Native Doves - A bird species that is bioprospected.


Category: Bioprospecting Published: Wednesday, 19 November 2014 21:20
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Bioprospecting is any activity undertaken to harvest or exploit all/any samples of the genetic resource or of any derivatives of genetic resources.

It is also the knowledge, innovations, and customary practices of local communities associated with those genetic resources, or for the purpose of research, product development, conservation or industrial or commercial application, including investigative research and sampling, not including customary uses of genetic resources and derivatives.


What activities requiring a permit?

Bioprospecting Activities that requires permit are:

  • Exports of any specimen obtain from biodiversity.
  • Imports of any foreign organism that may have a significant adverse impact on Vanuatu's native flora or fauna.


Determination of Application

The council must meet within 21 days after receiving an application from the Director for the purpose of determining the application.

The council either approves the application with or without terms and conditions, or refers the matter back to the Director for further assessment or rejects the application.

The Director must advise the applicant in writing of the council's decision within 14 days. If the councils refers the matter back to the Director or, it rejects the application, a written advice must be produced.


Permit Application

Any person wanting to undertake bioprospecting must apply in writing to the Director of Environment and Conservation. The application must includes the following:

  • The full address of the applicant.
  • Must include affiliate parties that will benefit from the research.
  • Must include description of nature and the extent and location of research.
  • Must include description of nature of any biological resources/traditional knowledge that is to be investigated.
  • Must include a timeline and sampling method.
  • The expected commercial research and development plan that may result from biodiversity.
  • and statement indicating confidentiality of the research.