Did you know that the UNICEF/WHO Joint monitoring project, says that only 44% of Ni-Vanuatu have access to a safely managed water source? For an introduction to how the
government of Vanuatu is supporting communities through the National Implementation Plan for Safe and Secure water (NIP),Please watch Director Erickson Sammy.

If you are a donor and would like to help a community in Vanuatu improve their water system, please reach out to Department of Water Resources officials at the national level as
well as in the province you will be working. The Department staff can then help make sure you are following the law (View Laws), using the standards (View Standards), and supporting the communities most in need as identified through the NIP (View NIP-CAP System). If you are looking for a community to help, please see this list of communities
that already have developed a Drinking Water Safety and Security Plan (DWSSP) (View DWSSPs)


Our Mission

The Mission of The department of Water is 
" To Develop and Manage the Nations Water Resources
for the Social and Economic Well Being of the 
People of Vanuatu "


With a Vision to make sure
" Sustainable and Equitable access to Safe Water and Sanitation for the People of  Vanuatu to support improved Public Health and Promote Social and Economic Development "

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Department Of Water Resources 
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Department of Water Resources