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Environmental Impact Assessments

Category: Environmental Impact Assessments Published: Wednesday, 19 November 2014 20:45
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An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an assessment of the possible impacts, positive or negative, that a proposed project may have on the environment taking into consideration natural, social and economic aspects.

The purpose of an Environmental Impact Assessment is to ensure the decision makers consider the environmental impacts to decide whether to proceed with the project.


Developments that require an EIA

Developments that require EIA includes tourism developments close to coastal area, logging along river bank or village, livestock farming, and bioprospecting activities close to Community Conservation Area.

What is a PEIA?

A Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment  is an assessment that indicates whether or not the development requires a full EIA study before the development starts.

A Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment is done by any Ministry, Department, Government Agency, local government or municipal council that receives an application for any project, proposal or development activity, must undertake, or have undertaken on its behalf, a preliminary EIA of that application to determine:

  • whether the project, proposal or development activity is likely to cause any environmental, social or cultural impact.
  • The significance of any identified impact.
  • Whether any proposed actions are likely to effectively mitigate, minimize, reduce or eliminate any identified significant impact.


Terms of Reference

Upon receiving information that a project needs full EIA report the Director then develop a Terms of Reference (TOR) that will direct the EIA study. The Director will make sure that the TOR covers all party concerned.

Upon the finalization of an EIA report, if the study does not address an important subject, the director may in writing notify the developer and request for full coverage of the study. If the report covers all important issues the director may in writing write to agree to the project.

Should the EIA report shows major damages to the environment the director of environment may decline the project in writing to notify the developer with clear details stating reasons for declining. Should the director agree to the report he may in writing inform the Minister to sign for the development to proceed.