Strategic Planning Framework Training

Category: Events Published: Saturday, 28 November 2009 00:00
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From the 17th -28th of November 2009, a training workshop was held at Efalfal Bay Inn in Pango Village for all town and provincial planners.


The training's focus was to educate and guide thse planners in developing a strategic planning framework for the country. The workshop was funded by AusAID under their assistance towards the Vanuatu Short Term Land Reform Initiative.

To date, problems exist within the planning structure with no existing planning framework in place to guide the growth of our towns and provinces.

Moreover, there is lack of coordination and direction between line agencies and enforcement of existing structures is weak due to limitations in resource capacity.

The training workshop is not only envisioned to build capacity but also to strengthen existing linkages between line agencies to coordinate and identify their strengths and weaknesses together.

A strategic planning framework for Vanuatu is envisioned as a must to ensure sustainable development outcomes for the whole country. The framework has to also be developed to fulfill the resolution of the national land summit that is 'before undertaking lease on a land, there must be Land Use Zoning and Physical Planning in those areas'.