Ministerial Delegation inspecting Sarakata Hydropower Station

Ministerial Tour of Santo 2009

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On the 13th of August 2009, the then Honourable Minister of Lands Harry Iauko and an entourage toured the northern island of Santo to consult with stakeholders concerning primarily land and energy issues.


Meeting with the Luganville Municipality

The Minister and his entourage met with the Luganville Municipal Council to discuss:

1. The issue of using, managing and conserving greenspaces and foreshore reserves within the municipality for the benefit of its citizens.

2. Controlling the issuance of Negotiator Certificates.

The issue of squatters primarily in the Pepsi area of Luganville.

the council partaking in the Land Management and Planning Committee's (LMPC) operations as well as that the LMPC must stringently control lease issuances.

Another issue highlighted was concerning land rents whereby the Municipality needs logistical support from Lands in collecting taxes and enforcing punishment upon tax evaders.


Meeting with Sanma Province and Chiefs

Another consultation was organized with Sanma Province and Sanma Chiefs to discuss issues such as discouraging Lease conversions especially in relation to agricultural lands, enhancing the participation of Sanma Province within land related dealings as well as in Zoning exercises.

Another major recommendation was concerning reforming the Strata Titles Act and, if quarry regulations could be established in Sanma.


Inspection of Power Stations

The Sarakata Hydropower Station was also visited during the Minister's tour and, it was stressed that Unelco, being the main shareholder, must work more closely with Sanma Province.

Also, a Bio fuel Project that runs on Coconut Oil, was inspected in Port Olry which has proven to be a success as it now powers 80% of Port Olry's Households in a sustainable manner. This project is the first of its kind in Vanuatu and, similar projects will also be piloted in Malekula, Ambae and in the Banks.