Vanuatu Land Program

Category: Events Published: Wednesday, 09 December 2009 00:00
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The Vanuatu Land Program was officially initiated and signed off on, on the 9th of December. This is an agreement that deals with addressing resolutions brought up by the National Land Summit of 2006 in the long-term. It is a big achievement for the Ministry of Lands as it paves the way for the Government to commence with tender of bidding process to allow a long-term Land Project to commence in 2011.

The agreement was signed off on by the Lands and Education Minister as it involves the joint participation of both Ministries in its implementation.

The main donors that are funding this project include the Australian and New Zealand Government as well as the Ni-Vanuatu Government.

Witnesses to the signing included the Australia and New Zealand High Commissioners as well representatives of other donor partner agencies as well as Governmental Officials including the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, other Ministers, the Opposition Leader, Parliament Members, Director-Generals, Directors, NGO Representatives and Business Houses.