Contract for tender to deliver Water Supply Material signed (20/01/2017)

Category: Events Published: Thursday, 09 February 2017 23:25
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The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources,  Hon Ralph Regenvanu together with a representative from the Vanuatu Agricultural Supplies (VAS), Mr Aron was signed on January 18, 2017 a contract for tender to deliver Water Supply Materials for Walarano Water Project, North East Malekula.

 Walarano is located on the north eastern part of Malekula that has a population of more than 3000 people and were without proper piped water supply system since 1992.

The signing was made at the Ministry of Lands Conference room in the capital Port Vila witnessed by the Acting Director General of the Ministry of Lands, Michael Mangawai and Acting Director of Water, Brooks Rakau

The tender of the supply and delivery of Water supply materials for Walarano was approved by the Council of Ministers (CoM) in 2016 after extensive consultations within the Department of Water (DoW), Finance, Central Tenders Board and the Ministry of Lands.

As a normal requirement, CoM is to consider and approve the recommendation by the Central Tenders Board to award the Contract to the supplier.

The Contract was drafted with consultation with the Central Tenders Board (CTB) and the State Law Office in line with the RFT (Request for Tender) standards which is in line with the government contract. The contract was approved and endorsed by the CTB.

The supplier is the Vanuatu Agriculture Supplies (VAS) with a contract value of Vt19, 139,770.

The Walarano Project is funded by New Zealand Government through UNICEF, the government as its contribution to the project will fund the staffs salary supervising and monitor the project.