23 rain water harvesting systems completed in Pentecost

Category: Events Published: Sunday, 22 April 2018 23:11
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Twenty Three (23)  Rain Water  Systems have been completed in Pentecost and are due to be launched shortly. These came as part of the Pam Recovery  assistance from  the Australian Government ( DFAT ).

After TC Pam there  was an Elnino period and most of the communities aroumd central Pentecost  and North Pentecost  have a lot of trouble accessing clean and safe water for  domestic uses. Mostly women and children are placed with the burden of walking very  long distances to collect water . It has been a practice in these communities  for women and children to go to the water source at night time  to collect  water .

In all the communities there are nakamals where all the communal activities  takes place there such as Marraiges, Deaths, Pig Killing ceremony and so forth. The majority of the rain water catchment are  being built  beside the Nakamals so that the water can be easily accessed during the events.