Land Registry

Land Registry

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The Land Registry is in charge of registering leases that have undergone the Lease Registration Process.


In 2007, the Land Registry underwent a process of going digital with the introduction of an archiving System called Saperion. Unfortunately this system failed to effectively automate the Land Registry's manual functions.

In 2009, a newer system, called the e-Registry, was introduced. Since its inception, the archiving process in terms of digitally storing documents and entering associated data into a database, has effectively replaced the manual processes occurring beforehand.


Our Mission

1. To register all land transaction documents.

2. To maintain safe storage of archiving facilities.

3. To ratify lease documents if rightful custom owner(s) are identified.

4. To manage, facilitate and control client searches for stored Land Documents.

5. To protect and store hard copies of pre-independence land records and dealings.


Organisational Structure

The Land Registry has two divisions that complement each other in their work processes:

Front Desk - This is the division that carries out the Land Registry's day-to-day Functions.

Registry Backlog Scanning Team - This is the division set up to enter lease data and documents into the e-Registry System. More Info...