Land Survey

What is a Survey ?

What does the term 'survey' mean?


The term 'survey' means 'marking out the boundary of a plot of land'.


Why is it important to carry out a land survey?

It is important that a survey is carried out to show the legal boundary of a plot of land.


Who can carry out a land survey?

A survey can be carried out solely by a person who has trained for and is registered as surveyor Such a person is called a 'Land Surveyor'. In Vanuatu, there are:

  • Private surveyors - people who are qualified as surveyors and are working in a private company.
  • Government Surveyor - people who are qualified to carry out land surveys but are employed by the Government in the Lands Survey Section.


When can a Land Surveyor carry out a survey?

A land surveyor can only carry out a survey on a land when a person, community or family wishes to register the land. When a person requests a Government or private surveyor to carry out a survey, they must have a Certificate of Negotiation on the plot of land they want surveyed.


Can a survey be carried out on a disputed land?

The Government cannot survey a disputed land. Any person, community or family may request the Government to carry out a survey, but before this is done, all parties must first agree.


What kind of survey does the Government do?

The Government carries out Land Surveys through the Land Survey Section, under the Department of Lands. They carry out:

  • Government survey - a survey is carried out on Lease Agreements or special leases.
  • Private survey - A private survey company may ask the Government to carry out a survey on their behalf.

An invidual or company may ask the Government to carry out a survey for them.


What must you keep in mind about the work of a surveyor

Remember that a surveyor is innocent. He is just carrying out work as requested by the party concerned.

Any dispute on the land should be resolved between you and the parties concerned in your area and has nothing to do with the surveyor.

What you should know about Government land survey

If you wish to have your land surveyed it is important that:

1. The land is not under dispute.
2. The land is not part of a Court case (Land Tribunal or Supreme Court).
3. All parties must consent to it occurring.
4. You have a Certificate of Negotiation.


Where can I find more information?

The Lease Survey Unit of the Land Survey Section can help you out with more information concerning surveys.