Land Survey

Land Survey

This Section has a broad function that deals with Vanuatu's Geospatial extent in terms of Surveying and Mapping out a broad range of Physical and Human Geographic Spatial Phenomena such as Elevation Contours, Rivers, Villages and Leases.


It consists of Five Units that provide varied services including the Lease Survey, Drafting, Control, Remote Sensing & Mapping and the Information Technology Centre Units.


Lease Survey

This Unit provides and delivers the Government's Cadastral Surveying Services by:

  1. Supervising the survey of all government-owned and leased land.
  2. Cross-checking Official Survey Plans provided/produced by Private Surveyors for accuracy.
  3. Assisting the Mapping and Cartography Unit with digitizing Cadastral Information using CAD Systems.
  4. Assessing, screening and approving new Subdivisions.
  5. Performing field checks on Private Surveys.
  6. Certifying Official Survey Plans.
  7. Supervise all GPS Surveys for Cadastral Updates.



This Unit is in Charge of managing and updating Vanuatu's Cadastral Information. Recently, it managed this Cadastral Information manually, but as of mid-August 2010, its manual processes were automated with Geographic Information Technology. Its functions consist of:

  1. Updating Vanuatu's cadastral information and Draft Survey Plans.
  2. Assisting clients with Cadastral Information needs.
  3. Digitizing Vanuatu's Cadastre using GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
  4. Managing the Survey Plan and Coordinate Sheet libraries of Vanuatu's Cadastre.
  5. Issuing Title Numbers to new Surveys Plans.
  6. Cancelling and creating Survey Plans.
  7. Certifying DLRA forms to confirm Lease Registration.



It is in charge of managing and maintaining Vanuatu's Control Networks. Its functions include:

  1. Coordinating the Review, Maintenance and Upgrading of National Geodetic Control Network Surveys.
  2. Conducting Crust Monitoring Surveys of Identified Volcanoes.
  3. Coordinating National and Regional Satellite Surveying Activities.
  4. Developing and Maintaining a National Geodetic Level Network Frame.
  5. Developing and Maintaining a National Control Network Archiving System.
  6. Supervising GPS Surveys for the Control Network Frame.

Remote Sensing and Mapping

This Unit is in charge of providing the Land Survey's general mapping services. It does so by:

  1. Printing Topographic Maps, Cadastral Maps, Ocean Charts, Land Use and other miscellaneous Maps for Clients.
  2. Scanning and archiving Survey Plans, Aerial Photographs and the cadastral information of Vanuatu digitally.


Information Technology Centre

This unit has the function of assisting the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources enhance its Information delivery capacity and capabilities. It does so by:

  1. Providing User Support and Information Technology Training Workshops to the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MoLNR).
  2. Administering the MoLNR's Network.
  3. Providing GIS related support and mapping services to Clients.
  4. Create, maintain and update Database Systems to cater for the information needs of the MoLNR and clients.