Land Registry Forms

Below are 14 of the 22 forms that the Land Registry has in English and/or French:



App. Form

lands-lr-application-forms 163 Registration 29th October 2009 LRF1_EN_FR.doc [54KBs] LRF1_EN_FR.pdf [73KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 20 Certified Copy of Original 29th October 2009 LRF2_EN_FR.doc [33KBs] LRF2_EN_FR.pdf [26KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 28 Stay of Registration 29th October 2009 LRF3_EN.doc [33KBs] LRF3_EN.pdf [27KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 51 Mortgage 29th October 2009 LRF8_EN.doc [48KBs] LRF8_EN.pdf [44KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 54 Variation of Terms of Mortgage 29th October 2009 LRF9_EN.doc [53KBs] LRF9_EN.pdf [87KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 54 Discharge of Mortgage NA NA LRF10_EN.pdf [511.55 KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 57 Transfer of a Mortgage 26th November 2009 LRF12_EN.doc [50KBs] LRF12_EN.pdf [25KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 60 Transfer of Lease/Sublease 26th November 2009 LRF11_EN.doc [45KBs] LRF11_EN.pdf [34KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 67 Grant of Easement 26th November 2009 LRF13_EN.doc [44KBs] LRF13_EN.pdf [77KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 69 Grant of Profit 26th November 2009 LRF14_EN.doc [44KBs] LRF14_EN.pdf [79KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 70 Release of Easement/Restrictive Agreement/Profit 26th November 2009 LRF15_EN.doc [33KBs] LRF15_EN.pdf [18KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 82 Power of Attorney 26th November 2009 LRF16_EN_FR.doc [39KBs] LRF16_EN_FR.pdf [22KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 82 Notice of Revocation of a Power of Attorney 26th November 2009 LRF17_EN.doc [35KBs] LRF17_EN.pdf [17KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 84/85 Registration of Transmission 26th November 2009 LRF18_EN.doc [40KBs] LRF18_EN.pdf [32KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 92 Caution NA NA LRF19_EN.pdf [323.53 KBs]
lands-lr-application-forms 97 Withdrawal of Caution 12th October 2009 LRF22_EN.doc [33KBs] LRF22_EN.pdf [65KBs]