Lease Execution Q & A



What is a Lessor?

This refers to a person who owns a plot of land and leases it to another person.

What is a Lessee?

The Person who is given a Lease by the Lessor.

What is a Sub-Lease?

 Lease of Land that has already been leased from another person.
What is a Sub-Lessor?  A person who has granted a sub-lease. The sub-lessor is the lessee of the first lease (head-lease).
What is a Lessee?
A person who is given a sub-lease.
What is meant by lease forfeiture?

This term means to remove a lease and return the right to use the land to the: Custom owner (if the land is under the ownership of custom owners). Government (if the land is under the ownership of the Government or the land is disputed and the Government is acting on behalf of custom owners).

 What is a lease transfer?  A document whereby the lessee transfers his registered lease to another party who becomes the new lessee.
 What is a lease term?

The number of years the lessor agrees to lease the land to a lessee. The lease term only has a starting date and the number of years, for example, a 3 year lease term or a 20 year lease term.

The lease term may be set at 3 years up to 75 years. The number of years depends on the kind of agreement you have made with the person who has leased their land to you. It is not compulsory for the lease term to be set at 75 years. The land owner has the right to choose the lease term of 75 years or less.

 What is a Land Survey?

The term ‘survey’ in relation to land means ‘marking out or mapping the boundary of a plot of land.