World Water and Metrological Day 2018

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World Water Day and World Meteorological Day are being celebrated annually and jointly since 1992. There is a working committee that has been set up to coordinate the activities, and the activities are made up of the business houses and the stake holders of both Departments.

“Weather Ready, Climate Smart & Water wise” is the theme of World Water & World Meteorological Day this year. In other words for World Water Day: “Nature for Water”, it’s about using solution we have already in nature to overcome all water challenges we faced.

To activities for the two days includes speeches, there are booths to showcase the different units within the Departments and the scope of work that they are involved in, and this year there was the play that was done by Wan smolbag theatre on Plastic Bag.

The highlights of this year’s celebration  was the launching of the Matnakara Implementation Plan that was done by the Honorable Minister of Lands Mr Alfred Maoh and the Tree Planting that was done in the Matnakara area at Tagabe. Tree planting is very important for that area as this is the only water source that provides water to Port Vila, and according to the Minister to expand the water coverage to as far as Devils point and the Rentapao it is crucial that we secure the water source.