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Lands Department launch new staff uniforms (04/08/2018)

On 4 August 2017, the Land Department launched its new office uniform. Father William Dominique blessed the uniforms dedicated to the staff. This was witnessed by the heads of the sections as well as all the staff of the department. A great success for the land department!


ICT Day (17/05/2017-18/05/2017)

On Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 18, 2017, the Department of Lands and Natural Resources participated in the World ICT Day. The theme of the 2017 edition of this day was "Big-data for a big-impact". This day allowed all ministries and companies to highlight all technologies that have facilitated the use and development of Big-data in order to improve their services and to monitor the progress of their work.

The Department of Lands and Natural Resources was pleased to have participated in this day because technology has greatly improved his work and his services in the last few years until today.


IT Policy Launching (26/04/17)

The ICT section within the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources launched its IT policy on Wednesday 26 April 2017.

The following also occurred on this same occasion:

  • awarding of certificates to employees who participated in the ICT training in October last year(2016);
  • launching of the new CNS(Client Notifying System), a system through which clients are notified of the status of their documents by email;
  • launching of the new structure of the Ministry website and
  • launching of the Ministry’s newsletter.


The Chairman of the Public Service, Mr Martin Mahe, and the second PA to the Minister of Lands, Mr Jean-Vincent Jean were both present to witness this launching.  Mr Jean-Vincent Jean congratulated the Manager and the ICT team for this accomplishment and emphasised that ICT is the leading tool used in our work today.  He encouraged the ICT section to continue to work hard in this direction for other achievements in the future.


A farewell organised for the VIT internship students (21/04/17)

The Human Resources Section organised a farewell for the two VIT students, Ravindah and Remah who did a one-month internship in administration and accounting with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. The Senior Human Resource Officer, Mrs Julie Garoleo, thanked the students for their contribution and support during their internship.  She also pointed out that each year the Ministry receives students from VIT on internship in administration and accounting and that it would welcome other students on internship in the future.  The Human Resource Section wished them both success in their future endeavours.


Corporate Services Unit launches their new uniforms (13/04/17)

The Corporate Services Unit launched their new uniforms on Wednesday 13 April 2017 at the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. The Acting Director General, Michael Mangawai, pointed out that this was an achievement for the General Services Section.  He also encouraged the staff to wear their uniforms with pride. “The colours of the uniform represent the land, nature (green) and water (blue). And this also includes the department of geology and mines” explained the Acting Director.  It basically represents the nature and culture of Vanuatu.

The directors of the different departments within the Ministry of Lands as well as the Secretary of Public Service, Mr Jacques Gedeon, were also present to witness this launching.  Mr Jacques stated that the Public Service supports the idea of having uniforms in the different ministries and congratulated the General Services on this achievement.




Water Resource Management

WR officer Monitoring Water Flow
Water Resource Officer Monitoring River Flow.

Due to the fragility of Vanuatu's Water Resources, it is important to ensure that its Water Resources are used in sustainable ways.