Water Resource Management

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WR officer Monitoring Water Flow
Water Resource Officer Monitoring River Flow.

Due to the fragility of Vanuatu's Water Resources, it is important to ensure that its Water Resources are used in sustainable ways.

They should be managed in such ways that water quantity during times of droughts and flooding are effectively and efficiently managed to ensure Vanuatu's people are not adversely affected.

Also, assuring water quality, especially at water drinking sources, is of primordial importance.

These are the two primary responsibilities, in relation to Water resource Management, monitoring the quality of water bodies of interest and managing their quantities. It aims to do so by:

1. To monitor, manage and plan for the sustainable use of both ground and surface water resources, and build a systematic inventory of the resources.

2. To provide technical input in to the project planning development in the area of hydro-power, geothermal and water supply projects.

3. To monitor surface and ground water levels as well as.

4. To perform water quality testing as requested.

5. To collect baseline hydrological data on potential mining prospecting sites.

6. To maintain surface and groundwater databases, including water chemistry records, used as a planning tool for water supply, geothermal and hydropower across Vanuatu.

7. To provide technical advice on matters related to water resources and its development.

8. To implement and enforce the Water Resources Management Act.

9. To monitor Coastal Water quality to ensure the environmental protection of Vanuatu.

10. To establish methods for sampling and collection of water data in lagoon and coastal areas of Port Vila including Luganville.