Survey Section

This Section has a broad function that deals with Vanuatu's Geospatial extent in terms of Surveying and Mapping out a broad range of Physical and Human Geographic Spatial Phenomena such as Elevation Contours, Rivers, Villages and Leases.

The Land Survey Section deals with application of survey plans for approval for lease purposes and its main primary function is to provide a frame work of control network on control points throughout Vanuatu to allow for the production topographic maps, marine charts and cadastral surveying. This report firstly focuses on activities for cadastral surveys and the control network report.

The Surveying Section is divided into three (3) different Units coordinated under the super-vision of the Surveyor General.

  • Geodetic Control Unit
  • Cadastral Unit
  • Drafting Unit
  • Mapping Unit



This Unit is responsible for the continues maintenance and development of Control Network points throughout Vanuatu. A Geodetic Network provides the fundamental support for land surveying, mapping, engineering and related applications and is the basis for the integration of all such activities. It is the basic reference framework for all surveying, mapping and land related in-formation. A geodetic network controls the position, extent and orientation of surveys. To provide this support a geodetic network must be both accurate and homogeneous.


  This Unit plays a vital role in Cadastral survey as it provides a Day-to-Day Clientele service and routine Office Checks of official survey plans submitted by Private Surveyors and the General Public. The Office Checks eliminates any technical errors and to ensure accuracy is maintained before any Survey Plans can be ap-proved as an Official Plan by the Surveyor General. All Data produced by this Unit are loaded into TIS (Title Information System - Departments Data Base) through E-Survey (Surveys Data Base).



The main tasks for this unit involves the following:

  • Issuance of new title with its maintenance of the records both manually and digitally via the e-survey database.
  • Checking survey plans to ensure correctness of plans with supporting information prior to Surveyor General Approval.
  • Building the DCDB (Cadastral Data base)
  • Maintenance of the archive for survey plans and survey calculation information.


Basically, this Unit is responsible for creating different Map types using the application of GIS (Geographical Information Sys-tem). This involves using Data’s and Information’s being stored in the Data Base and High Tech GIS Software's to create Maps base on Users preference.