Geology and Mines

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This Department's responsibility is to promote and manage mineral resource exploration and exploitation with the aim of improving the well-being of Vanuatu's people.

The department also works closely with numerous regional and international organizations such as SOPAC that provide assistance in various programs and projects mainly of a nature


To reach a level where petroleum, geothermal and mineral resources sectors of Vanuatu are self-sustainable as regards the economy, the social living condition of our population and protection of the environmental impacts of these activities

A sustainable Petroleum, Geothermal and Mineral Resource Sector

 Enhancement of institutional capacity

  • Enhancement of the visibility and confidence in public actions to attract investments through transparent stable and efficiently enforced legislative and regulatory frameworks as well as updated and accessible geological statistics
  • Improvement of the capacity of the public institutions to fulfill key regulatory and promotional and monitoring role and for the formulation, management and implementation of geological resource strategies, plans and programs
  • Improvement capacity for monitoring and evaluation for an equitable and performing development

 Development of Geo-scientific information’s systems and evaluation of resource potentials

  • Support to the discovery and preliminary evaluation of mineral, geothermal and petroleum resources
  • Improvement of accessibility and visibility of Vanuatu’s mineral, geothermal and petroleum potential